American Therapy Booth

1024 515 Atlantic Wharf

The American Therapy artist cohort invites you to share your stories, advice, grievances, and celebrations about living in America. Armed with typewriters, steno pads, paint brushes, and a willingness to listen, writers and painters will create an evolving mural reflecting your American experience. From October 2 โ€“ 8, the therapy booths will be open: Enter a confessional booth to air your fears. Sit in front of a politicianโ€™s podium and speak truth to power. Or, take a seat in a spring booth and literally feel the tension in the air. We might not solve all of our nationโ€™s problems, but weโ€™ll definitely breath some sighs of relief and remember what we love about living here.

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Weekdays 4pm-sunset, Weekends 1pm-sunset
10/2-10/8: Atlantic Wharf, 290 Congress St, Boston (Grassy area in front of Smith & Wollensky)