Another Room in the House

1024 684 Atlantic Wharf

Another Room in the House  – December 8th – March 16th

Photographs & Essay by Leo March

This summer, artist Leo March went exploring throughout the Boston Harbor. Along its contour, from Dorchester to East Boston, he discovered the Harbor has a rhythm. It varied in every section, influenced by the local infrastructure, the type of light, the amount of shade, the breeze, the temperature, and the visitors. In some areas this rhythm triggered a welcoming feeling. As he explored, Leo attempted to photograph these places, focusing on who uses the waterfront, why, and in what manner—which prompted him to reflect what potential remains to fulfill.

The conversation about the Harbor should move towards the more difficult and subjective issue of placemaking. The key issue is how the Harbor will be shaped to create a place for the enjoyment of all. Placemaking is about vision, determining and reflecting the city Bostonians want, need, and deserve—not only as consumers, as workers, or as taxpayers, but as humans.


Leo March


Commissioned by the Barr Foundation