LEED Platinum

Boston's First Green Skyscraper

Sustainability. Longevity.

Building a Better Future.

Atlantic Wharf was awarded LEED Platinum “Core and Shell” certification under the U.S. Green Building Council LEED rating system for the core and shell contstruction.This building is designed to use 33% less energy than comparable downtown office towers and 42% less energy than a typical existing office in New England. Atlantic Wharf is designed to use 69% less domestic water in the office tower compared to a typical downtown tower, and the construction of Atlantic Wharf utilized building materials manufactured from recycled products.

HVAC Optimization

Better thermal properties of the building’s envelope, glass, and roof save heating and cooling energy. Atlantic Wharf is using harvested rain to make-up the cooling tower, and so is designed to use 15% less water in building HVAC systems compared to a typical building.

Energy Savings

The energy savings of Atlantic Wharf compared to other Boston buildings is approximately 30,000,000 MBTU/year. That’s roughly equivalent to the annual energy use of 260+ average American households, including transportation.


Over 85% of the construction waste was diverted from landfills, 20% of the building materials were manufactured from recycled products, and 50% of wood product in the building was harvested from FSC certified forests.

Water Savings

Estimated savings in building water use total 12.5 million gallons per year, or enough water to fill 19 Olympic sized swimming pools.